Task Master Room Discovery

1st Trip: On 5/11/02, Tim Moreland led Paul Fowler, Marjori Johnson, and Jason Walz on a survey trip to the North Section where they found the Task Master Room.

Trip Report: We went up to the north edge of the North Section, where we found stuff to survey off of KY254. We tied into GR34 in a room with some nice formations. Surveying further north we tied into KY243. Just as time was running out, we found a huge room off of GR46, which is 40-feet wide, by 60-feet long, and up to 20-feet high. We named the room the Taskmaster Room after the way Paul had been running the survey. At some point during the day Tim injured his little finger.

2nd Trip: On 7/13/02, Tim Moreland led Paul Fowler, Jason Walz, & Marjori Johnson on a survey trip back to the Task Master Room.

Trip Report: We returned to the Taskmaster Room and did a detailed sketch of the room. We then surveyed a lead to the south but it pinched off after a few stations. A lead to the north lead us 125 feet into a small room with a pool of water. We surveyed several dead-end leads until reconnecting to known cave to the south at station GR32. We surveyed 581 feet for the day.

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Last updated: April 10, 2015

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