Seismic Hall Discovery

Caver ascending Garden Gate
Garden Gate

NPS Photo by Bunnell

Trip: On 10/9/1999, Marc Ohms led Rene Rogers and Joann Vokoun to the Lakes Section where they heard an earthquake and discovered Seismic Hall.

Trip Report: We ventured into the Lakes area to push leads and hopefully find the elusive upper level cave that is missing from this part of the cave. Our first lead was just beyond the Garden Gate and only gave us about 100 feet of survey. While we were resting during a break, we heard the low rumble of an earthquake! My first in Wind and the third heard this summer. We then went further south a few stations before finding a lead not on the map. It went east into a large room. We named it Seismic Hall, after the earthquake; it is about 100 feet by 60 feet in diameter. We surveyed one lead off of it to its end and left several for a return visit. This room and passages were in the middle level, which indicates there is more of this to be found. We surveyed 560 feet for the day.

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