Pizza Hut Discovery

Wind Cave Boxwork
Wind Cave Boxwork

NPS Photo by Ken Geu

1st Trip: On 12/5/1998, Marc Ohms led Mike Wiles, Myk Coughlin, & Rene Rogers to the Forty-Mile Hall area in the Colorado Grotto Section, where they discovered Pizza Hut.

Trip Report: We pushed the lead we found on 11/3/98. It broke out to the east past the supposed fault and into a big room, 100 x 60-feet! We named this room Pizza Hut since that was all Myk could talk about all day. We surveyed 565 feet. A few leads remain. There is lots of airflow. We have high hopes this leads to the eastern half of the cave.

2nd Trip: On 4/3/1999, Marc Ohms led Mike Wile, & Rene Rogers back to Pizza Hut.

Trip Report: We finally returned to Pizza Hut to push the remaining leads. We pushed everything very very hard. We surveyed whatever we found, which was not much. The only lead we surveyed was one found on the previous trip. This passage headed south out of Pizza Hut and opened up briefly before ending in a 20-foot deep pit named the Deep Dish. We mapped 240 feet.

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