Pink Residue Discovery

Pink stuff
Pink Stuff

NPS Photo by Jason Walz

1st Trip: On 4/9/2005, Jason Walz led Dan and Sean Foster and Peggy Renwick to the Peteys Puddle area in the Club Room Section where they discovered pink bacterial staining.

Trip Report: We surveyed 741 feet off of the DA, CC, DE, and LL surveys. We found some pink residue on the moonmilk at station CC10. We photodocumented the residue and the calcite rafts at Peteys Puddle.

2nd Trip: On 5/2/2005, Jason Walz led Marc Ohms to the pink residue discovered on his previous survey trip.

Trip Report: We went in to obtain a sample of the pink stuff I found on my last survey trip, so Dr. John Moore, from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley, could examine it for DNA.

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