Lakes Dye Tracing Project

Jason Walz at Calcite Lake with Multi Probe
Jason Walz at Calcite Lake with Multi Probe

NPS Photo

Trip: On 12/3/2007, Marc Ohms led Sara Booth, Andy and Bonny Armstrong on a trip to the lakes in preparation for an upcoming dye tracing project.

Trip Report: We went to What the Hell, Rebel River, and Calcite Lake to download and retrieve dataloggers. Also placed a dye bug in Rebel River and Calcite Lake for backgrounds levels prior to upcoming dye trace.

2nd Trip: On 2/26/2008, Jason Walz led Rene Ohms, Andy Armstrong, Ken Buhler, Charles Michael Ray, & Joel Rische on a trip to What the Hell Lakes to dump dye.

Trip Report: We took along the State Hydrology Engineer and a PBS reporter and cameraman that wanted to do a story on the water issues in the park. We traveled to What the Hell and left the dye there and then continued on to Calcite Lake, with Jason and Rene going to Rebel River to change out the dye bug there. Once at Calcite Lake we changed dye bugs and did some filming. On the way out we dumped 1 gal of Flourscene dye into What the Hell.

3rd Trip: On 3/26/2008, Marc Ohms led Jason Walz on a trip to the lakes to check for dye.

Trip Report: Replaced dye bugs in Rebel River and Calcite Lake. Most of What the Hell Lake was green, and Rebel River was flowing bright green. Calcite Lake appeared to have a green tint to it but the lab will have to confirm this.

Also downloaded data logger in Calcite Lake and took staff gage readings in What the Hell and Calcite Lake.

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