Hades Discovery

Marc Ohms in Hades area
Marc Ohms in Hades area

NPS Photo

Trip: On 2/18/2001, Marc and Rene Ohms went to the north edge of the Historic Section where they discovered an area they named Hades.

Trip Report: We finally went back out to the leads in the northern Historic Section that we call Hades. It is a miserable trip of crawling to get there. We started our survey at V75 and went west. We passed many leads heading south but were determined to get further north. The passage did end up heading north but ended with one lead. A pit down into a large room! The bad part is it will require rope. Crap! However, it is the furthest northern point in the cave. We backtracked a bit and surveyed south and tied into NN24. We followed the NN survey to its beginning and then jumped on the NM survey trying to find our way out without returning the way we came. Two hours later we were on the tour route. After punching in the data the pit is in the middle of nowhere to the north! We surveyed 304 feet for the day.

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