Crumble Lane Discovery

Popcorn in Crumble Lane
Crumble Lane

NPS Photo by Ken Geu

Trip: On 9/8/07, Rod Horrocks led Ken Geu and Duff McCafferty to the IZ survey in the Historic Section where they discovered a passage they named Crumble Lane.

Trip Report: Since nobody has been back to the IZ survey since 1987, we decided to see what we could find. Starting at IZ35 and 38, we surveyed into a dead-end passage and into a small dome complex. Skipping up to IZ30, we then surveyed into a large unsurveyed lead. This led into a 60-foot long hall with a pit in the floor. There was an electric light next to the pit. The pit turned out to be the dome visible between the Temple and the Elks Room. The light was out. We named the room THE LIGHT HOUSE. From there we surveyed into a side lead that came out above a lighted area between the Temple and the Elks Room. We left the tie in for a latter trip. We then continued down the IZ survey looking for unsurveyed leads. We found a large lead at IZ28 that was not on the original sketch. We surveyed three shots up this lead until the ceiling got too low. We then shot a couple of shots in a side passage that looped between IZ28C and D. Since the delicate floor was virgin, we shot the loop from each side and didn't do backsights. Moving up to IZ24, we noticed a pit and a fissure that wasn't surveyed. We started with the pit. Although we could look through a tiny hole in the floor of the pit and see a tour light 40-feet below, we were only able to take a single shot off this pit. We then surveyed up into the fissure that wasn't shown on the original sketch. This opened into several passages. On the flat chert ceiling there was some very large carbide graffiti from 1925. We then surveyed to the SW through a very tight squeeze that only Ken could fit through. He squooze through the virgin squeeze and found himself in a low-ceilinged room that had been visited from another passage across the room. We'll have to try and find the other way into this room on a future trip. We then shot the opposite way and up through a hole in the chert ceiling and into a long hall that we named CRUMBLE LANE, due to all the chert and quartz rinds fragments that littered its floor. After surveying to the NW end of the hall, we surveyed to the SW end of this 70-foot long stoop walk, where the passage spit into four smaller passages. Surveying up through a narrow fissure, we surveyed underneath a couple of unclimbable domes to a point that the floor was covered with frostwork and was too delicate to continue. We backed up and shot part way up the first dome and into a side passage that looped back down to the end of Crumble Lane. There was a really good looking virgin crawl heading off of station IZ24T, which we decided to leave for the next trip, since it was the end of the day and we wanted something to look forward to on the next trip. Backtracking to our first station in Crumble Lane, we shot two shots into a short parallel passage and called it a night. We surveyed 654 feet for the day.

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