Crinoid Discovery


NPS Photo by Ken Geu

Trip: On 1/14/2012, Ken Geu led Rod Horrocks to the IZ survey in the Historic Section where they discovered crinoid fossils.

Trip Report: We went on a resurvey trip to the IZ survey in the Historic Section, so Rod could train me how to sketch. However, we didn't achieve his original goal of completing the resurvey of IZ11 through IZ31 because of the additional new survey that we surveyed. We ended up only resurveying IZ11-19. We found and photographed a crinoid stem fragments that Rod found while waiting for me to sketch a room. These were the first crinoid fossils found and documented in Wind Cave. We photodocumented them. We left several leads that were not feasible to survey today, notably off of IZ54, IZ56, IZ46, & IZ12, some of which are tight. We resurveyed 163 feet (from IZ11-19) and then added 194 feet of new survey in side passages.

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Last updated: April 10, 2015

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