Caving Narrative 1985 - November 21

Participants: John Gookin, Jim Pisarowicz, Matt Soete, Goeff Williams

Duration of Trip: 10 hours

New Cave Surveyed: 558 feet

We began just off Room Draculum, about 5 minutes from the tour trail. The lead into this new area was discovered by John while teaching a National Outdoor leadership School (NOLS) course about two weeks ago.

The survey headed south and went fairly fast until the 8th station when passages seemed to be going in all directions. We initially chose to continue south and were rewarded by entering a room with flowstone cascading out of the ceiling. We named this room Flowfinger Falls because the soda straws looked like fingers hanging from the ceiling.

Returning to station 8 we turned west and surveyed down a steeply sloping passage to a large room (40 feet in diameter). Unfortunately the passage quickly got too small in this direction.

East of station 8 the passages were again very small but we kept on crawling and surveying. This eventually dead ended with only one room along this route. We called that room the SRO Room because we could actually standup in that area.

All of these new passages are directly under the parking lot just out the front doors of the visitor center.

Report by: Jim Pisarowicz

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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