Caving Narrative 2007 - May 26

Chris Amidon, Erin Niedringhaus, Don Anderson

Duration of Trip:
6 hours

New Cave Surveyed:
165 feet

Returned to the NZ survey. Mopped up small crawl from NZ12 ro NZ9. Found a lead, a dome slope, literally standing at the NZ18 station. It was not marked on the map, but it had been marked in Marc Ohm's resurvey sketch. So we survey up a single tube, constantly moving up and down, up and down. Shots were never very long as the floor or ceiling kept raising or lowering just a tad too much. So we named the area: "La Scala" which is a Verdi opera that roughly translates as "Stairs". Left one tough crawling lead at NZ18k. It appears to go, but it will be tight. Nice layered paleofill in that upper level tube. Definitely more to mop-up and survey for another trip.

Also, on our previous Historic area survey (5/13/07), Erin Niedringhaus lost a flashlight on the way out of the cave. She believed it to be on the E survey. On our way into the cave, we found it along the E survey! One less lost flashlight inside the cave!

Report by: Chris Amidon

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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