Caving Narrative 2007 - July 29

Erin Niedringhaus with light on point
Erin Niedringhaus with light on point while surveying in Wind Cave

NPS Photo by Kristen Schulte

Chris Amidon, Erin Niedringhaus, Abby Tobin, Kristen Schulte

Duration of Trip:
5.25 hours

New Cave Surveyed:
157 feet

Returned to the good lead off of AJ43. After a tight squeeze and a few shots, the survey went where we did not want it to go: into UY11. The resurvey of the UY showed no leads so this connection was a little surprising. We then surveyed off of another lead in UY11 that was not marked. It was Kristen Schulte's birthday so we threw her a small party complete with party favors, leis, and a mini-cheescake eaten over trashbags. I also played a recording of Wagner's "Flight of the Walkyrie's." It was a fun trip, but discouraging as our good lead turned into mop-up. The line plot will be significantly improved though. We named "125 Mile Nook" at AJ53 as the cave is in its 125th mile. We named "The Archelon" at AJ58 as one formation looked like a giant turtle, and according to Erin, the Archelon is an ancient turtle. We named "Have Your Cake…" at AJ62 as this is the small room we celebrated Kristen Schulte's birthday.

Report by: Chris Amidon

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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