Caving Narrative 1987 - May 25

Curt Broeker, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga

Duration of Trip:
8-1/2 hours

New Cave Surveyed:
330 feet

Since we had not been back to Dreamland for several weeks, we decided to return to the area to continue the exploration. We started by surveying the passageways leading off from the eastern end of the Cakewalk.

The first passage was pushed to the bitter end with any positive results. This passageway is blocked by an extremely tight contortionist crawl which has yet to meet the human body meant to fit through. Finishing this lead, we turned our portly bodies back to the Cakewalk to survey the lead which heads off to the north.

The first two times we had been into this passage it appeared to be a dead end, but today we found a tight hole which skirted a large piece of breakdown and popped out into a small room directly above a 40 foot pit. Curt thoroughly enjoyed this tight crawl. He enjoyed it so much that he proceeded to rip three pockets off his coveralls and discovered that when he emerged his coveralls were not coveralls any more. This became the 3-Pocket Hole.

The pit turned out to be another tall fissure passageway and also turned out to be a very interesting down climb. The ledges along the sides of the passage are all sloping steeply down and (to make it even more exciting) there is a thin layer of mud on the ledges and footholds. We dubbed this the Flaming Pick Tights Pit.

After carefully climbing to the bottom of the fissure we found that we were back in an area very similar to the Needle Nook with gypsum needles covering the floor. We crawled our way through a small passage at the bottom of the room and found ourselves back in the first tall fissure we had discovered back in March.

After making this connection with the survey we decided to head out. Even though we only surveyed a little over 300 feet, this new fissure holds the promise for a lot more new cave to be discovered. When we turned back we were in large passageway with many side leads. Another very productive trip to Dreamland.

Report by: Darren Ressler

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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