Caving Narrative 1987 - May 12

Greg Nepstad, Jim Pisarowicz, Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga

Duration of Trip:
9 hours

New Cave Surveyed:
599.5 feet

The plan for today's trip was to return to the Superconductor area that Jim Pisarowicz and Jim Nepstad had begun surveying on May 6. After just a few survey shots we connected to a previously surveyed passage - the Fallen Leaf Room. We then decided to head for the Garden Gate area to check out some passageways that were marked as possible leads on the map.

As Greg and I poked around the east wall of the main passage, Karen and Jim crawled through two different holes on the other side. They soon found themselves connecting into the same tall fissure passageway. Shortly after coming back to tell us what they had found, we were off surveying down the Chicken Strut. We found it hard to believe that this room did not appear on the map - a tall fissure, walking passage with ceilings 30-40 feet over our heads.

On we went, following Karen as she pushed the leads ahead of us. We soon came to a high, exposed ledge from which Karen was not sure if she could go any further. She suggested that we name this the Chicken Roost. We call clucked our approval and continued on by straddling across the passage. At the end of the passage we again connected to a previously surveyed area. We did this twice more (connect to previous surveys) and eventually found our way back to the main passageway just south of the Garden Gate.

After making this final connection we found that we were all becoming delirious with the notion of eating vast quantities of tacos, so we packed up our toys and headed for home, quite satisfied with the day's efforts.

Report by: Darren Ressler

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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