Caving Narrative 1987 - August 7

Jim Nepstad, Darren Ressler, Karen Rosga

Duration of Trip:
9 hours

New Cave Surveyed:
281 feet

Last year Jim and his brother Greg and Jim Pisarowicz discovered a new connection between the eastern side of the cave and the western side. This was only the second way found to cross from one side of the cave to the other. We decided to return to the western side via this route to check leads around the Coke Room.

We found our way around Lost Paradise and continued on through Happy Hollow and past the Laugh Track until we connected with the western side. This was only the second time that the full connection route had been done.

We stopped for lunch and after trading bagel, granola bars, and sour balls decided to begin surveying down a passage that Jim had located. Off we went through walking and almost-walking passage-passing some spectacular spar crystal along the way. We finally encountered an area with holes leading off in every direction. We each crawled off in a different passage to check the leads. After getting back together we found that each of us had located very promising ways to go. What a dilemma to have! New cave everywhere and only one question-where to start? Somehow I convinced Jim and Karen to go my way and off we went again.

We found tall vertical fissures and passages full of frostwork. The whole area had several deep holes-passages going down 30 and 40 feet and more. Because of this we named the area The Pits.

After surveying almost 300 feet we rearranged our priorities and began the journey back to home and pizza. Another promising area, headed out into a big open spot on the map.

Report by: Darren Ressler

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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