Ballot Box Discovery

1st Trip: On 11/11/2000, Evan Anderson led Derek Wolfe and Shawn Kramer to the Bucking Horse Canyon area in the Half Mile Hall Section, where they discovered the Ballot Box area.

Trip Report: The KP Pit is the only way that I know to get into Bucking Horse Canyon and it is over 100-feet deep and exposed at the top. Surveying into a nearby virgin walking passage, we named several new areas, including the Campaign Trail, Battle of the Bulge, and Split Vote. We also named a 20 x 40-foot room the Ballot Box and a large balcony, the Gore Hole. All the names were in reference to the on-going

Florida presidential election contest. We surveyed 1,203 feet, leaving numerous great leads in an exciting new area. While surveying a bellycrawl, Derek had a false floor break and he fell eight feet, but was OK. We name it the Kamikaze Crawl. We surveyed 1,203 feet, leaving much to do.

2nd Trip: On 1/13/2001, Evan Anderson led Steph Haderlie, Pat Roberson, and Steve Lester back to the Ballot Box area.

Trip Report: Our first lead was along the red/white trail on the west side. We tied into the KKL survey. We then surveyed a pit lead that I had found previously. It tied into the KKL survey again. We surveyed 1,680 feet.

3rd Trip: On 4/14/2001, Evan Anderson led Tonya Potts and Paul Mozal back to the Ballot Box area.

Trip Report: Began surveying where we left off last trip. Tied into CT8. Found west going leads that popped into the BV survey. Surveyed some mop-up around Bucking Horse Canyon. We surveyed 1,020 feet.

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