100 Milestone

Summary: On 8/11/2001, five survey trips were led into Wind Cave, elevating the Wind Cave survey past the 100-milestone. Following are the trip reports from the five trip leaders that accumulated enough survey to reach this historic milestone.

1st Trip: John Scheltens led Rod Horrocks, Mike Hanson, and Steve Baldwin to the Historic Section.

Trip Report: We surveyed along the BQ survey. The BQ is the old route that connects the Bachelor Quarters with the Chert Room. We found, but did not survey on this trip, a connection down to Monte Cristos Palace. We also found an Alvin McDonald signature at BQ34. We surveyed 454 feet and as of 6:45 PM on 8/11/01, the Wind Cave survey is now 99.99 miles long! The other four trips will definitely push the survey beyond 100 miles.

2nd Trip: Marc Ohms led Rene Ohms to the Historic Section.

Trip Report: We surveyed a lead off of the RS survey not far from the Caving Tour. We surveyed 187 feet up in a dome lead that died. Today the cave hit 100 miles!!!


3rd Trip: Pat Roberson led Evan Anderson, Derek Wolfe, and Stephanie Haderlie to the Half Mile Hall Section.

Trip Report: We went back to the BX survey and surveyed mostly tall narrow fissures. They tended to be tight with protruding boxwork. We tied into the BXA survey. There are more parallel fissures to survey in this area. We surveyed 1,046 feet for the day.

4h Trip: Tom Dotter led Karla Whittenburg and Kim McVey to the Club Room Section.

Trip Report: We found a lead over the NC survey that tied into WG1. We surveyed 211 feet for the day.


5th Trip: Dave Lester led Marjori Johnson and Tim Moreland to the Colorado Grotto Section.

Trip Report: We climbed up towards the STP Speedway, then north and east in an unsurveyed fissure. We worked across tops of areas until we were not able to continue. We then worked our way down. We surveyed 250 feet.

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