2nd Grade - Homes and Habitats

Goals: This unit will help students to identify a variety of "homes" or habitats in the natural world. It will also introduce students to the different components of a habitat. Discussion will cover the effects of changes to the habitat and how we can improve and protect that habitat.

Objectives: After completing this unit, the students will:

  1. define home and habitat.
  2. identify elements that make up a habitat.
  3. list elements of their own habitat - food, water, air, shelter, and space in a suitable arrangement - and generalize that animals and plants have similar basic needs.
  4. give examples of animals that live in different habitats, such as prairie, forest, cave, or city and explain why they live there.
  5. discuss how changes in a habitat affect the animals and the plants.
  6. make suggestions on how humans can have a positive effect on a habitat.
  7. discuss connections between animals, plants, and habitats.

These objectives will be achieved in three stages:

  • Nametags, pre-visit activities and information - teacher(s) will complete Nametag Activity and select at least one Pre-visit Activity to do in the classroom before visiting Wind Cave National Park. Selection of activities will be communicated to the ranger leading park program.
  • Park activities - ranger directed with assistance and supervision of the teacher and/or teacher aide.
  • Post-visit activities - teacher(s) will select at least one Post-visit Activity to do in the classroom after visiting Wind Cave National Park.

Pre-Visit Preparations:

Nametags - Who Am I?

The Comforts of Home


Draw Me a Prairie: Part 1

Post-Visit Activities:

Map Your Home Range

Draw Me a Prairie: Part 2

How Many Elk Can Live in This Park?
How Many Elk Graphics

Vocabulary List

Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

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