5th Grade - Continuity and Change

Goals: This unit will introduce students to natural cycles and changes in the environment. It will develop the concept that environments are created and shaped by natural forces and that all components of nature are in a constant state of change. Humans have an impact on nature and can modify their environment.

Objectives: After completing this unit the students will:

  1. define change.
  2. identify a cycle, list the stages, and predict the next stage in a cycle. Discuss why cycles are important and how a cycle could be disturbed.
  3. identify natural changes in the environment and discuss how they might affect wildlife (floods, drought, tornadoes, diseases).
  4. describe how cycles are connected (how does the season affect the amount of water, temperature, or migration patterns?).
  5. discuss how the cave is not isolated from cycles and predict how changes in cycles might affect the cave.
  6. discuss ways that our actions cause change in the natural world (pollution, acid rain, hunting, dams, roads, farming, greenhouse effect, predator control, introducing exotic species).
  7. predict how natural or human caused changes in the environment could affect cycles.

These objectives will be achieved in three stages:

  • Nametags, pre-visit activities and information - teacher(s) will complete Nametag Activity and select at least one Pre-visit Activity to do in the classroom before visiting Wind Cave National Park. Selection of activities will be communicated to the ranger leading park program.
  • Park activities - ranger directed with assistance and supervision of the teacher and/or teacher aide.
  • Post-visit activities - teacher(s) will select at least one Post-visit Activity to do in the classroom after visiting Wind Cave National Park.

Pre-Visit Preparations:

Nametags - Who Am I?

How Turtle Flew South for the Winter

How Plants Are Part of the Water Cycle

Cycle-Circle Game

Post-Visit Activities:

Water: Here Today. Where Tomorrow?
Water Survey

What is Important?
What is Important Graphics

Vocabulary List

Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

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