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Cowboy with visitors at Lake Lucero.
Human history at the monument plays a big part in the history of the dunes.

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Did you know that salt was once mined in this area? Have you ever wondered about the architecture that you see in the visitor center? Or perhaps your interest lies in the amazing skills of American Indian artistry. Whatever your interest, come Step into the Past with us and learn about the Tularosa Basin's fascinating human history! Take a look beyond the bad men and the territorial conflicts as we explore some of the lesser-known aspects of the area's past.


Step Through Time programs are presented on the first Saturday or Sunday specific months throughout the year. *Schedule is subject to change. Activities may be cancelled.

2018 Step Through Time Schedule

Saturday, March 3

Saturday & Sunday, June 30 - July 1


Location varies depending on program.


Most programs are free; however, some may require a special program fee.

Program length

Most Step Through Time programs are one hour; however, some programs are several hours in length.

Young Children

Due to moderate to difficult conditions (i.e., sun, heat, rough trail, remote location) on the Lake Lucero trail, it is not recommended to bring young children and infants on the Lake Lucero living history program. The Lake Lucero trail is not stroller-accessible.


Some Step into the Past programs are offered in the visitor center with seating. However, several program may require walking on level surfaces or hiking more strenuous trails.


Depends on program location. See the Step Through Time calendar for specific information. The visitor center is accessible. The Lake Lucero trail is not accessible for wheelchairs and may be challenging for individuals with mobility concerns. Service animals are allowed at all monument facilities open to the general public.


Depends on program location.


Most programs do not offer seating.


Pets are allowed as long as they are non-disruptive, on a leash no longer than six feet (2 m), and are under physical control at all times. Pets, like humans, should leave only footprints. Pick up after your pet(s) and Leave No Trace. Pets are not allowed in the visitor center or the courtyard.

Programs may be canceled due to weather or missile range activities.

Call the monument at 575-479-6124 ext. 236 the day before the program to confirm the program is still scheduled. Weather at the monument can vary drastically. The lead program ranger will make a decision to cancel or shorten the program due to weather no earlier than 30 minutes prior to the program start time. If the program is canceled, it will not be re-scheduled. Monument entrance and camping fees are non-refundable.


Reservations are required for this program and must be made through or by calling (1-877-444-6777). You can make reservations up to one month in advance of the program. Tour fees apply and will be charged by Monument entrance fees may also apply and will be charged at the monument.

For reservations, please note that only one vehicle per reservation is permitted due to limited parking and only five people per reservation are permitted. Step into the Past Tours are limited to 40 individuals or less depending on the program.

Cancelations must be made by calling at 1-877-444-6777 at least 24 hours in advance of program. Cancelations cannot be processed by monument staff.

Please check the Step into the Past calendar to see which programs require reservations.

Large groups

Most Step Through Time programs have limited capacity. Reservations are also limited. Contact us to inquire about a large group reservation.


Parking for programs is very limited. Please carpool with friends and family. If you plan to ride with friends and need to drive separate cars, please consider meeting at a location in Alamogordo and then driving to the monument together in one vehicle. Only one vehicle per reservation is allowed.

Last updated: August 15, 2018

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