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Pleistocene Animals

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Safari Through Time: Animals of White Sands From Mammoth Tracks to Bobcats
From the mighty Columbian mammoth to the diminutive Apache pocket mouse, critters of all shapes and sizes have roamed this area for eons. Join Ranger Jackson (aka Dr. Jack Tracks) as he leads a White Sands safari through time. Dr. Jack Tracks will share how to identify the many animals and tracks—ancient and modern—that are found in the dunes. This is a fun-filled presentation for whole family. Meet in the visitor center theater at 1 pm for this one-hour program. Program is free.
*1:00 pm Sunday, January 1
Historic clay road on sand.

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Discover the Historic Treasures of White Sands National Monument
Join us for two insightful programs about little-known aspects of White Sands National Monument.

First, we will explore the brilliant architecture at White Sands National Monument and the construction by New Deal agencies during the 1930’s. Recognized on the National Register of Historic Places, the White Sands Historic District preserves the region’s unique and rich cultural history through the Spanish and Pueblo-inspired adobe architecture. Stylishly sewn into the fabric of the surrounding landscape, the Historic District, including the visitor center, is a tribute not only to the National Park Service and architect Lyle E. Bennett but also to the New Deal agencies and the fine craftsmanship of the WPA and CWA workers.

Next, we will take a tour of the historic roads around the monument. Today, travel around the Tularosa Basin is quite easy. The earliest European settlers of this area didn’t have it so easy. Old roads and vehicles remain as evidence of their hardships. These remains have allowed archaeologists and historians to study just what these early travelers accomplished. We will travel through time starting with Colonial Spanish New Mexico in the 16th Century to present day to see exactly how transportation shaped the human history in the Tularosa Basin and White Sands National Monument.

Meet in the visitor center theater at 1 pm for each of these 30-minute programs. Programs are free.
*1:00 pm Saturday, March 4
Mexican and Native American Art Market

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Mexican Art Market
Enjoy a Mexican Arts Show and Sale co-sponsored by the National Park Service and Western National Parks Association. Experience the rich Mexican culture, beautifully expressed through extraordinary Mata Ortiz pottery, whimsical Oaxacan wood car vings, and vibrant Zapotec rugs from Northern Chihuahua and Oaxaca Mexico. Enjoy live demonstrations throughout each day. You will find a wide array of items, from $20.00 pots up to museum-quality pieces. All artwork is hand made in Mexico. Program is free and will be held in the visitor center patio.
*10:00 am—5:00 pm Saturday, July 1 and Sunday, July 2
Actor Billy the Kid facing off with a Park Ranger

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Journey Through Time at Lake Lucero
Accompany rangers and living history actors from the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum on a journey through the 10,000 years of human habitation in the Tularosa Basin. As you hike to Lake Lucero, colorful characters from the past will greet you along the trail and share tails of love, triumph, and loss. Program fee: $8.00 per adult (16 years and older), $4.00 for children. Reservations are required and will be accepted starting on August 7th. This four-hour program will take place on the Lake Lucero trail. See above-listed website for additional details.
*10:00 am Saturday, November 4

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