Permits, Fees, and Reservations

Camping tent out in the backcountry camping loop with a full moon and a dune in the background.
Camping tent out in the backcountry camping loop with a full moon and a dune in the background.

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Certain activities at White Sands may involve either a permit or a reservation. These activities can range from weddings, ranger programs, and commercial filming and photography.


Two visitors that just got married and a child.

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General Special Use
Certain types of activities, including, but not limited to, organized gatherings, distribution of printed material, and public expressions of opinion require a special use permit. Included activities are weddings, first amendment activities, and scattering of ashes. Applications for permits should be submitted well in advance, preferably 2-3 months before the event to allow for consideration and processing.
Commercial filmer holding a realistic looking fake prop human head.

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Commercial Film and Photography
If you are looking to film or photograph your project at White Sands, an application for a permit must be submitted. Various fees may be charged for a permit. You must allow sufficient time for the monument to process your request; check with the monument for guidelines. You will be notified of the status of the application and the necessary steps to secure your final permit.
Visitor taking pictures in the dunefield.

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Early Open or Stay Late
In many National Park Service areas, you may be allowed to enter at anytime, day, night, at sunrise, or sunset to view wildlife. At White Sands National Monument, we share our boundaries with the U.S. Military at Holloman Air Force Base and White Sands Missile Range. Due to security issues, the monument has specific posted hours of operation. However, it is possible to enter the monument early or to stay past closing for a fee of $50 for each hour that we must open early or close late. If you would like to schedule an Early Entry/Stay Late date, please download the general permit conditions along with the application and follow the instructions included in them to reserve your date.
Photographer standing with tripod on a dune under cloudy skies.

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General Permit Conditions
Certain conditions apply for all special use permits. The general permit conditions must be signed and submitted with all special use permits.
Park Ranger taking down American flag.

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Specific Permit Conditions
Certain conditions apply for weddings, early entry/stay late, and first amendment activities. The specific permit conditions must be submitted with those special use permits.
Two visitors horseback riding in the dunefield.

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Horse and Other Pack Animals
Visitors to the monument are welcome to bring and use personally owned pack animals as long as you understand and abide by the relevant rules and regulations. A day use permit is required for all horse and pack animal use and may be obtained at the fee station. Horses and pack animals are not permitted on roads or road shoulders except for necessary crossing.
Rangers out on the field

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Guidelines for Study Proposals
Are you interested in conducting research at White Sands? If so, these guidelines will help you develop your study proposal, which is the first step in the research proposal application process.
Researchers out on Lake Lucero

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Research Findings Report Template
This template is used by researchers to give us a review of the amazing research they discovered here in White Sands national Monument.


Volunteer giving an educational program to kids.

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Academic Fee Waiver
The Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (FLREA), Public Law 108-447, provides the National Park Service statutory authority to allow outings conducted for non-commercial educational purposes by accredited academic institutions to obtain a waiver of monument entrance fees.


Group use area with a roof, picnic tables, grills, and trash cans.

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Group Use Area
From family reunions to weddings to boy scout jamborees, White Sands National Monument has long been a popular location for large gatherings. Our group use area is the perfect location for private functions and is available for reservation.

The group use area is available for day use from 10:00 a.m. (or earlier if available) to closing time daily. It may be tentatively reserved one month to six months in advance for day use or camping. A non-refundable reservation fee must be paid at the time of reservation.
Visitors lining up to enter a bus out on the dunefield.

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Step on Guide for Commercial Bus Tours
The 16-mile (25.75 km) Dunes Drive is suitable for commercial bus tours. Park rangers may be available to serve as step-on guides and can be reserved for one-hour onboard presentations. If you would like a step-on guide, please make your reservation as early as possible. Reservations are required a minimum of two weeks in advance of the tour date.
Silhouettes of a Park Ranger and visitors.

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Ranger Program Request Form
If you would like a ranger to give your group an interpretive program, please fill out our Ranger Program Request Form and submit it at least two weeks prior to your visit.
Due to staffing limitations, we can only take one group at a time with up to 50 persons. We will make every attempt to schedule a ranger for your group's visit. However, we cannot confirm a ranger for a requested program until 14 days prior to your visit.

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