Traveling Trunk

Amazing Animals

Bleached Earless Lizard

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Targeted Grades: Grades 3-7. Can be used with older and younger students.

Inventory for Amazing Animals:

  • Folder of laminated lesson plans
  • Folder of laminated handouts and copy pages
  • Folder of laminated animal picture cards
  • Folder of laminated animal track cards
  • "Diet of Animals at White Sands" game
  • Tracks Poster
  • Books: 1) Common Mammals 2) Little Critters of South West 3) Creepy Critters of the South West 4) 50 Common Insects 5) 50 Common Reptiles/ Amphibians 6) Desert Life
  • White Sands, White Wilderness VHS
  • Colored pencils

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Traveling Trunk

Last updated: February 24, 2015