Write with a Quill Pen

Close-up on hand while using a quill pen.
Woman writing with a quill pen.

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Learn to write with a quill pen. Quill pens, ink, and paper will be provided. The fun takes place behind the Visitor Center between 1:00 and 4:00 pm on June 27, 28, and August 2 and on selected weekday afternoons between 1:30 and 3:00.

For the missionaries and Oregon Trail emigrants letters were an important way to stay in touch with family and friends left behind. In 1836 Narcissa wrote to her sister, Jane: “How anxiously I look for a line or two from some one of the dear family in that box some where but I saw none. Jane, don’t forget to write to them for me.” Family members also provided needed supplies. In 1838 Narcissa wrote her mother, “Flannel dresses for Alice Clarissa, shoes, etc. – in short, whatever of ready-made clothing for ourselves and babe you send us, will save so much of my time for teaching and writing,” Much of what we know about the Whitmans comes from the letters written by them, their colleagues or visitors to the mission.


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