Of Fog, Snow, & the Days Inbetween

Blog Entries: December 12, 13, and 20, 2010
Renee Rusler

December 12, 2010: The Allure of a Foggy Day

Hi, my name is Renee. I work as a park ranger at Whitman Mission. I have always loved the fog. There is a sense of mystery, expectation, and suspense.

One of the purposes of this blog is to highlight the beauty that can be found at Whitman Mission in all seasons and all weather. So, on Saturday morning, when I looked up from my desk and couldn't see anything beyond the fence, I knew I needed to grab a camera and explore the park. But first, I finished what I was doing on the computer. This was a mistake! Moments matter in photography: lighting changes, subjects move, and, in this case, the fog began to lift.

Luckily, the mysterious and unexpected were still out there.

trail in fog
The path beckons one to continue on into a mysterious distance.

NPS - Renee Rusler

geese near Mill Pond
A flock of geese was seen near the Mill Pond. The contrast in the image was slightly increased using an image editing program to help the geese stand out more.

NPS - Renee Rusler

flying geese
Moments later I was seen. The same contrast increase was used to help highlight the geese. Look carefully, the trees in the background of this photo are the same trees that are on the right side in the photo above. A different angle resulted in a different feel to the photo.

NPS - Renee Rusler


December 13, 2010 - The Calm Between Storms

I can't believe that I can walk outside without a coat (and hat, and gloves, and scarf!). But this warmth is just momentary, so I thought I'd take a look around the park before the snow sets in again.

close-up of dried flower head. In-set photo of dime-sized mushroom
I found dried remnants of summer flowers and some little penny-sized mushrooms.

NPS - Renee Rusler

Incoming clouds give the sky a dark, foreboding look which is mirrored by its reflection in the pond
I found a sky that is a reminder of things to come.

NPS - Renee Rusler


December 20, 2010 - Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

Park grounds are covered with snow. Sky is clear and blue with only a touch of wispy clouds.
On Saturday morning a blanket of snow covered the ground at Whitman Mission National Historic Site.

NPS - Renee Rusler

grass stalks are lightly edged with snow
Snow covers everything, including grass stalks from last summer.

NPS - Renee Rusler

Snow creates a whole different world to explore at Whitman Mission.

Each season brings its own beauty and opportunities. Each season also brings its own challenges: be prepared. During the winter dress for the cold and be careful walking. Even cleared paths can get slippery if wet or icy.

The park grounds are open every day from dawn to dark.

The dark trunks and branches of trees contrast with the grays and whites of the snow beneath in a black and white photo of the park grounds
The contrast between dark and light on a snowy day provides an opportunity to experiment with black and white photography.

NPS - Renee Rusler


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