Make Adobe Bricks

diagram of mold for adobe brick
Diagram of a smaller mold that could be used.

from Whitman Mission Teacher's Guide, 2004.

Make the Mold

It will be necessary to make a mold to form the bricks. Whitman used a mold which measured 20" x 10" x 5". A mold can be constructed using pre-cut lumber. Use Dr. Whitman's dimensions or make a smaller version. Other items can be used as a mold rather than having to construct a mold from scratch, for example: small milk cartons, plastic blocks, cardboard shoe boxes, or Tupperware containers.


Make the Mixture

Adobe is best when clay soil is mixed with straw. Mix soil with water until it becomes quite thick. Add the straw.


Make the Brick

Once the mixture has thickened, place it into the mold.

Let it bake in the sun for one to two hours (depending on weather and thickness of clay).

Once the clay has hardened, carefully take it out of the mold and lay this "brick" on end for an additional ten days before building (less time is needed for smaller bricks).


Instructions from Whitman Mission Teacher's Guide, 2004.

Last updated: March 1, 2015

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