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Molly Hanebut

Mrs. Hanebut's claim to the property adjacent to the park's east boundary, behind Shaft Hill, dates back almost as long as the Sheldens claim. Her grandfather Coffin settled the area in 1884 and her father built the house where she currently resides in 1911. At 85 years of age, Mrs. Hanebut remembers that in her childhood she attended Sunday school at the Whitman-Eells Memorial Church and that she and her classmates used to slide down Shaft Hill. Although they had fun, they always felt the shaft was special: "We never thought of going over that fence to that Monument; that was precious." [88] She remembers "there wasn't much done" until the National Park Service took over. "I think everybody has enjoyed it more . . . . Each man that has been there has been enthusiastic about it and it's a lot nicer." [89] Although Superintendent Kowalkowski remembered that "Mrs. Hanebut has been quite a vocal neighbor over the years," [90] and Superintendent Amdor remembered one disagreement that provoked her query, "What the ----- good are you?" [91] relations have mellowed with time. Mrs. Hanebut considers her relationship with the park good and is supportive of its programs.

Living alone, next to the park's remote east entrance, Mrs. Hanebut expressed concern about late night entrance-users. "I really don't think they should allow cars in that way . . . you never know what to expect." [92] Mrs. Hanebut's concern is worth noting given that this entrance is difficult for park personnel to monitor, far from the park residence. Although this walk-in entrance was initially opened for the convenience of College Place residents, it would be useful to reevaluate whether the shortened distance is worth the maintenance and policing difficulties, especially before the new entrance sign and landscaping is completed.


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