N. Whitman 1837

Narcissa's Journal 1837

Feb 18th Aniversary of our marriage. I find it perfectly natural to suffer my thoughts to dwell upon scenes that transpired one year ago from the present time. One year since I have heard a lisp even of my beloved friends in Angelica, &who can tell how many are sleeping in their graves by this time. Ah! it would be like cold water to a thirsty soul indeed, to know how you all do.It is delightful weather now. The birds sing sweetly &the frogs croak;familiar sounds these; the same I used to hear in my native land.The Husbanmen are making arrangements for plowing immediately. The snow remained only about six weeks upon the ground, Feb so far, has been as warm and pleasant as April at home, even more so.

In addition to my other conveniences we have now 3 chairs & a bedstead &all our doors are made & hanging.These are exceedingly comfortable although not of the finest order.My chairs two of them are of my Husband making; with deer skin bottoms woven as the Fancy chairs of the States are & very durable.Our bedstead is made of rough boards & nailed to the wall, according to the fashion of the country. Perhaps a more minute discription of our house is demanded. The upright part is a story &half, faces the east. as I said before the leantoo only is enclosed.The siding is made of split logs fitted into groved posts, & the spaces filled with mud. The roof is made of poles, first covered with straw then with 5 or 6 inches of mud.The fire place & chimney is of the same.The size of the whole building is 30 by 36 feet the leantoo 12 feet between joints.My room is in the south end of it, a small bedroom & pantry on the north end, and a very pleasant kitchen in the middle. On the west side of the kitchen, is the fireplace with a twelve lighted window on each side, & the outer door. At present the Indians have full liberty to visit the kitchen, but as soon as we are able to prepare a seperate room for them they will not be allowed to come in any other part of the house at all. You will scarcely think it possible that I should have such a convenience as a barrel to pound my clothes in for washing so soon, in this part of the world, & probably mine with Mrs Pambran are the only two this side of the Rocky Mountains. I am indebted to her for mine; & she never knew the use of one untill I suggested it. I am not without a dog and good cat even .My dog was a present from Mr McLeoud. These may appear small subjects to fill a letter with, but my object is to show you that people can live here, & as comfortably too as in many places east of the mountains. A few lodges of Indians have come to this place & the whole tribe will be here before many weeks.

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