N. Whitman 1846

Narcissa's Letter Nov. 1846

Dear Brother Judson: –Husband has written you a long letter for which I am very glad for he can write so much better than I can.I do hope you will accept of his invitation and come to Oregon.We want to see you very much and there is much good to be done for this country in the cause of Christ.Your heart is here I believe and ever has been and you are just the one to come.Wife and children need be no hindrance but will be a great comfort.True it is some

We feel a deep interest in you and love you still, and ever shall, not only for your own worth but for her sake that was so dear both to you and us.It is a cause of great gratitude that although the Lord has broken your heart, he has as it were, bound it up again, and given you still to enjoy the endearing relation of wife, and what is not a small consideration that of a Father to a beloved son.bless the Lord for these great mercies, my brother, for we never know the full strength of them untill they are severed.Should you be called to lay that little son in the grave you would then know the depths of a fathers love.

Please remember me affectionately to your dear wife and say to her that I should be most happy to receive a letter from her.I would have written you both by this opportunity upon a separate sheet but for the want of time.

My family is large and I have much to see to in the care of so many children although they are not ones own by birth yet I am interested in them and am much better pleased than if I had not the opportunity of acting the part of a mother.It is a satisfaction to feel that we are doing good and saving many individuals from being worse than useless in this world and lost in the world to come.

Henrietta my baby is a sweet interesting child and loves me as my own Alice used to, and I love her dearly;but that tender anxiety, so peculiar to mothers, for their own offspring, is not for me to feel toward her, because it is impossible.She is now two years and five months old and attends school and is very happy.

For some reason I feel assured that you will come to Oregon and that I shall live to see you and converse with you face to face here in our cheerful &happy home.till then adieu my dear brother and sister and may the Lord bless you and make you perfect unto every good work through Him that loved us and gave himself for us.

As ever your affectionate sister

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