Matilda Sager Remembers Farming

Matilda Sager Delaney, in her late years wrote:

"We had to plant all the gardens and raise vegetables for the immigrants who came for supplies. * * * We each had our piece of garden to weed and tend * * * The Doctor had quite large fields of corn and the crows were very troublesome; so we children had to go up and down the rows ringing bells to scare them away. * * * One of the jobs that I disliked in the fall was when he pulled up the white beans and every child was given a tin cup and told to pick up these beans with their hands. * * * We also had hogs. We raised a few, but never ate the pork, reserving that for the immigrants. * * * Mrs. Whitman taught us the love of flowers. We each had a flower garden, which we had to weed and care for. * * * We used to hire the Indians to dig our potatoes. They dug them with camas sticks."


Excerpted from: A Feasibility Study on Historical Reconstruction, Whitman Mission National Historic Site, Washington by Erwin N. Thompson.

Last updated: March 1, 2015

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