Dr. Whitman Selected Letters - 1837

Notes to reader:

The following transcriptions have tried to maintain the original spelling, capitalization and punctuation of the original letters. In his letters Dr. Whitman often used "+" for "and" and "+c" for "etc." Comments by the transcriber are enclosed in square brackets, [].

"Islands" refers to the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii), where the American Board had established missions.

Any mention of Fort Walla Walla or the place "Walla Walla" refers to the Hudson's Bay Company post at the confluence of the Walla Walla and Columbia rivers. The US Army's Fort Walla Walla did not exist until after the deaths of the Whitmans.


List of Selected 1837 Correspondence

May 5, 1837: Dr. Whitman to Reverend David Greene

Dr. Whitman describes his trip to Fort Vancouver in the fall of 1836; explains how he and Rev. Spalding picked their respective mission locations (Waiilatpu and Lapwai); provides statistics on the winter snowfall, crops, and status of food supplies; discusses the Natives' interest in farming; describes his relationship with the Cayuse and worship services held; describes the influence of the Hudson's Bay Company on the Natives' religion; discusses the need for plows, hoes and books; discusses Mr. William Gray's plan to travel back East; notes the birth of his daughter, Alice Clarissa Whitman; requests materials for a grist mill and saw mill; and provides statistics on number of cattle owned by the Natives and the Hudson's Bay Company.

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