To Rev. Greene: October 30, 1838

Wieletpoo. Walla Walla. River.

Oregon. Territory.

Oct. 30th 1838

Rev. & Dear Sir.

Your printed circular of 23d June, 1837. + letters of August 3d + Nov 4th by way of the Sandwich Islands came to hand July 10th, + also the one of Oct 20th sent by the Brethren. The circular sent to England has not been received. The books + slates have but just arrived from Vancouver + have received no injury. They are in time + will be found very important in the prosecution of our work here.

We have great cause for gratitude to the Board for sending us so seasonable a reinforcement. + to our Heavenly Father for preserving + bringing them forward in safety.

Soon after their arrival we held our annual meeting, Brother Spalding being here at the time. Two of the number Messrs Walker + Eells were desegnated to commence a new station some where in the Flat Head Country. + Mr Gray to be associated with Mr Spalding, + Mr Smith with myself at this station. With regard to the limitations of the Board I think Brother Spalding + myself will find no difficulty in getting on with $1000. between us + taking that as a guide the other Brethren intend to govern themselves by it + not exceed $500 a piece.

It was resolved to erect a blacksmith shop + build a flour mill. + to accept of a printing press offered us by Mr Bingham of the Sand Island Mission. As to a mill we think it easier + cheaper to build one, then to buy our flour + pack it on horses such a distance. + to pound our corn by hand in a wooden morter. And we find it necessary to have a shop in order to work millstones. + besides it will probably not increase our expenses but rather diminish them. as we wish to give the Indians hoes for what we get of them, + with its help we hope to induce the Indians to cultivate + take away the excuse + necessity of roving.

The press we hope to obtain second hand + to get it worked without materially enlarging our expenses. I was appointed by the meeting to go to Vancouver to obtain supplies for the Mission. I found Mr Douglas who now in charge equally as accomodating as Doct McLoughlin has been. A boat was maned + sent with our supplies to Walla Walla + arrangements made for the compay to bring them up for the future. Doubtless you are aware that it is a difficult + a dangerous task to navigate the Columbia. I spoke to Mr Douglas about the exchanges. He said he wished the Board would appoint an Agent in London on whom we could make out drafts, + save the exchange for it did not benefit them but only injured us. We are talking of buying some cattle, for it is cheaper for us to breed them for beef, rather than to buy horse meat, as we do not have to provide food for them during the winter, to say nothing of their superiority. If we do not purchase any, our drafts for next March will be a little more than five hundred pounds, but if we do, it will probably be as much as six hundred. A part of this amount will be for the traveling expenses of the Brethren that came across the Rocky Mountains

Messrs Walker + Eells have selected a station + put up the squares for two log [Page torn] but as the country in rather snowy + it being to late to make suitable arrangements for the winter they have concluded to spend it with us.

Providence has again smiled on us this year also in giving us a bountiful supply of wheat corn potatoes + other vegitables. The Indians also have enough to give them a wish to cultivate more largely another year. Some of them tell me they will not wander after this season but their entire settlement cannot be expected so long as so many inducements exist to cause them to rove.

Having commenced the erection of a Doby house since my return from Vancouver + being pressed with many unusual cares I beg you will excuse me for being so brief

Praying for the Board + its Patrons I am
Dear Sir Yours Truely.
Marcus Whitman.

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