To Rev. Greene: November 7, 1835

St Louis, Mo, Nov. 7 1835

Rev D Green

Dear Sir

I arived at this City the 4th instant on my return from the Rocky Mountains I left Mr Parker or rather he left me upon Gren River a branch of the Colorado of the west in the Mountains.

Upon our arival at this place; the general rendesvous for the hunters + trapers of Mountains. We found most of the traders + trapers of the mountains; together with band of about two thousand Shosonise Snake Indians and about forty Lodges of Flatheads and Napersas. We had an interview with the Chiefs of the later Tribes and found them remarkably well disposed and excedingly anxious to receive instruction. We asertained from them and from Capt Stewart and many other individuals that our Methodist brethren the Lees +c did not go to the Flatheads but that they had located themselves among the Chinooks on the Multinoma. Capt Stewart is an English Gentleman who has been betwen two and three years beyonnd the Mountains, is well informed and appears well disposed toward our object. He traveled in company with the Lees to Vancover + wintered there last winter Brother Parker and myself thougth the Flatheads + Napersas were very important and interesting tribes for Missionary labour. After our first interview with them, I said to Brother Parker if we had another associate I should be anxious to return home and mak preparations and return with others to thesse Tribes next spring if the Board should approve of it

He imediately proposed that I should return and that he would go alone to Columbia. I did not think it practic [Blurred spot] for him to go alone at first but upon obtaing the assistance of the chiefs + the promis of an escort to Walawalla and a Frenchman to assist him with his traveling + in some measure to interperet for him I concented to return. He can travel with the traders of the northwest furr Co. from Walawalla which is a post near the junction of Lewis + Clarks river to Vancover at or near the month of the Multinoma in the vicinity of which, He will find an establishment of Capt Wiet from Boston + the Lees. He expects to arive at Vancover about this time and designs to winter there + return through the Flathead and Napersa country to the general rendesvous in the mountains nex summer where if the board send out Missionary this next spring they will meet him and go on with the same escort that accompanys him. And he will return next Autum. The Flatheads and Napersas hav obtained some notions of religion from the traders + travelers in their country which seems to be a mixture of Catholick ceremonys Protistantism and common morality. They say they have always been unhapy cinse the have become informed of the religion of the whites they do not understand it. It has only reached their ears they wish it to affect their most vital parts.

They are very much inclined to follow any advise given them by the whites and are ready to adop any thing that is taught them as religion. I design to go directly from here to Rushville N. Y. where you can direct your letters to me. I will forward as soon as posible a full account of our Tour There are many things that could be better understood in person than by writing You will signify your pleasure as to my coming to Boston

My health was not good for the first part of the journey But it became very good in the mountains My journey has been one in which I have much cause for Gratitude to Almighty God for his merciful care and for the kindnes we received from the Traders

Yours in Christian affection
Marcus Whitman

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