To Rev. Walker: November 11, 1844

Waiilatpu Nov 11th 1844

Dear Brother

I write in haste in order to Send to Walla Walla in hopes an opportunity will offer to forward it to you. My main object is to let you know I have hired a school Teacher a native of New York + that the school is to open to day in order invite you to Send Cyrus

Our family is large but it will make no difference for us to have the addition of Cyrus I expect Mr Spalding will send Eliza if not Henry + have invited Mr McKinlay to send Mr Ogdens two children

We have taken a family of seven Orphans The two oldest of which are boys + the rest girls The youngest is not six months old Both parents died on the road. I had thought to send the boys to you + Mr Eells by first opportunity but have concluded it is best to keep them at school and to assist in the kitchen for the presant

I do not know whether the Mission will advise to keep these children or to deliver them up to the Probate Court in the spring

Do not be afraid of troubling us as we can get as much female help as we desire from those who are to winter with us The school will be large enough as a good many children belong to the families who are going to winter All have gone on but seven Wagons who must be here in a few days

The most went directly down the Utilla only Sending here for provisions

My Mill has done as well as I could hope having been my own Mill wright but as soon as all are passed + we have a stock ground to last I intend to have it rebuilt as a Mill wright is going to winter We cannot be eaten out as we must have a hundred busels of wheat + two or more of corn left yet + more than a thousand bushels of potatoes + plenty of beef + hogs A Gun + Black smith winters with us Ellis takes this and is waiting to go so good by

Hoping you may come + bring Cyrus

Yours Truely
Marcus Whitman

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