To Rev. Greene: May 12, 1842


May 12th 1842 -

Rev David Greene
Mission House Boston

Rev Dear Sir

We improve the present opportunity to drop a few lines to you across the Rocky Mts by way of Red River on the North - + shall soon write you again by ship if we do not by land across the Rocky Mts -

Your letter of March 8th 1841 together with several others + some printed sheets came to hand April 16th 1842 -

Our mission is to meet on the 16th of the present month, when your letters to us as a mission will be considered + answered by the mission -

Mr Spalding has notified us, that he shall not be present at the coming meeting, + has sent a number of requests for the action of the meeting -

Messrs Eells + Walker + their families are expected here on the morrow -

In relation to the internal affairs of the mission there is no change, at least all things remain as they were last fall - + no better understanding with Mr Spalding - The proposed meeting for a settlement, - in the winter he refused to attend -

We have received recent inteligence from the Sandwich Isls from Mr. A. B. Smith + others, his health + that of his wife was somewhat improved, he still considers himself a member of this mission - + will probably return if matters are arranged agreably -

The natives at this station never appeared better + more quiet than at present. They have gone on with their cultivation with their usual energy - + are gradually enlarging their little farms, with the assistance of the plows hoes +c +c furnished them by the mission + the H. H. Bay Company -

If the mission is to be continued, four families are indespensibly necessary - If it is to be given up the sooner the better -

Mr Cornelius Rogers is now with us assisting in completing a Dictionary of the Nez perces language - he expects to returns to the lower country in a few weeks, should the mission arrange matters he in all probability might be induced to remain with us till a reinforcement could arrive which we hope will be with as little delay as possible -

There will probably be a large party of emigrants coming to this country in the spring of 1843 - Some young men are now returning with the expectation of bringing out a party next spring -

All in the mission are in good health + we hope soon to be able to say all are united either in a final seperation, or an everlasting union + cooperation

We remain yours Truly +
in Greate haste -
Marcus Whitman
Wm H. Gray

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