To Rev. Greene: March 27, 1840

Waiilatpu Oregon Territory

March 27th 1840

Rev David Greene
Sec + c A B C F M

Dear Sir.

I wrote you last fall by ship giving you an account of things as they were at that time. There have been no important changes among the People since. After the Catholic Priest past things settled down to their usual state.

The Young Chief of this tribe has had a house built for him on the Iutilla River (by Mr Pambrun of Walla Walla) about thirty miles from here. He has shown an aversion to hear instruction from us since the baptism of his child by the Priest

The people have been away for the winter only a few remaining with us There migrations must occur every year untill they have more comfortable food + are inclined to more settled habits. The most of them are now here in order to prepare for planting. There is no abatement in interest for cultivation. A spirit of independance is manifesting itself among them which is seen in a desire to purchase plough's + hoes for themselves. if they could be obtained. They appear not to feel now as they used too formerly that it was to accomodate us that they plant + cultivate their lands.

For three months during the winter our school averaged ten scholars + was taught by Mrs Whitman. Since it has been increacing At present it consists of from thirty to fifty + so far as we can both of us employ ourselves in teaching. The Book which the Annual Meeting of the Mission, appointed me to write I employed Mr Smith + Mr Rogers to write as being better qualified to do it than myself + so much of my time being taken up in making Medical calls for the mission. It is now printed + makes a fine edition to our means of instruction, + must supercede the one written by Mr Spalding, as it is much more correct in language + orthography - It contains fifty two pages + an edition of eight hundred copies are printed

Mr Hall commenced printing it but being in haste to return to the Islands - Mr Rogers was employed to finish it.

At Mr Halls advise we have employed him to do the printing for the Mission at £ 30 sterling per anum + his board - His knowledge of the Native language makes him very useful in any department of labour.

Mr Hall was with us at this station six months - but has now gone to Vancouver to return to the Islands. Mrs Hall was recovering very much at the time they left. During the first part of her stay in this country nothing could be done for her to any effect on account of her being in a state of pregnancy. I trust she will have received so much benefit as to be in a good degree comfortable when they arrive at the Islands. Their visit to us will be long + greatfully remembered by us. + we trust has + will prove to have been an essential benefit to the missionary cause among us.

Mr Munger who came out with Mr Griffen as a self supporting Missionary has been at work for me five months + a half at eight dollars. per month. + house room + provisions for his family. furnished. He is now engaged for six months at £ 3 sterling. per Month + furnished as above. He is a good house carpenter. In that time I hope he will finish our house + make some comfortable furniture + some farming implements. We still live in the old house. although we have very much feared it would fall upon us from a recurance of high water.

I felt in hopes my bill from Vancouver would have been sent before this time that I might give you my expences. I shall not draw for more than four hundred dollars on the Treasury. There is some specie which we brought over with us - which was deposited in accordance with a vote of the Mission for the purpose of purchasing cattle. But having failed we shall not now buy any. I shall appropriate what is in my hands for current expences. For the year to come my expences may be five hundred dollars as I shall have to perfect my buildings +c. - I feel to regret the joint letter sent by Mr Spalding + myself in 1838 as containing a forced view of things calculated to excite hopes not to be realized. This I have wished to avoid in all my correspondence - The letter was written in Mr S peculiar stile for which I do not feel responsible. But the signing I regret + also that such a bill of Indian goods was asked for + fear you may have sent them.

We had better take every such thing from the company rather than to have them sent from home so long as we are so dependant upon them for storeage + transportation + besides they now say plainly that they wish to furnish us our supplies for which they have made preparation.

Yours Truly
Marcus Whitman


Walla Walla March 30th 1840

I have just drawn the bills for the payment of the bills of this Mission for 1839 + for Mr Halls expences in this Country

I wrote above that some specie in the hands of this Mission or rather in Mr Spaldings + mine would be payed But it was utterly refused by the accountant So that part of it may be expended here + part sent to the Sandwich Islands by Mr Hall

Marcus Whitman

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