To Dr. Wisner: June 27, 1834

Wheeler, Steuben. Co. N. Y. June 27 - 1834

Dr. Wisner,

Dear Sir, I received your letter of the 14th instant upon the 23d, And in answer will give a general description of my health. I have one of the best constitutions + have enjoyed almost uninterrupted health untill within three or four years. In the fall 1830 I gave up the practice of my profesion and entered upon a course of study preparitory to the Ministry. I had not continued long when for want of active exercis I fond my health became impaired by a pain in the left side which I attrebuted to an inflamation of the spleen, I immediately resorted to remidies with apparently full relief, but resumed Study So Soon that it caused a return of the pain, + again I used remedies with partial relief. Then I used exercise + continued it for a number of months when I found I was not able to Study + returned to the practice of my profession, I have not used remedies but in some few instances Since + Except for the last two or three weeks I have had but trifling inconvenience + nothing of organic or functional derange I have not been for any length of time withot a slight pain + for the last two or three weeks there has been an agrivation of pain + Soreness So that I have used remides + shall have to use more still, I have thought for the last year or more that my health was nearly restored + I am in hopes that I shall still find my expectations realised in this respect In conversation with Mr Strong I meant to be understood as saying that the circumstances of my health were the only reasons that discouraged me from offering myself to the Board + in speaking of stations I said I thought I could endure any temperat climat + in that way alluded to a station among the Indians. I had no hope of changing my circumstances for the better with regard to health. I only sought to see whether my health would admit of my being usefull in such a station. The reason upon which I decided that it would were my general good constitution + the slight degree of local affection + the absence of functional drangement. As also that that I had been accustomed to active exertion without inconvenience. The only circumstance that gives me inconvenience is sitting.

I resided in Cummington Ms. + the last few years in Plainfield. You may enquire of [Euastus?] Bates Esq (Memb. of East Lynn Assem. Ms.) Plainfield + of Rev. Moses Hallock Plainfield Perhaps he may recolect me I was under his tuition + his sons for a time I left Mss in 1820. In N. Y. of Rev. J H Hotchkin our paster, Wheeler, + Elisha Loomis, former Missionary Printer to Sandwich Island Rushville or of Rev Chauncy Eddy Agent for the Board.

I have examined the Herald upon the Marqussion Mission + should have no objection to go except from the climate I have some fears of a hot climate I have some lands in possession which I should wish to Sell + considerable business to settle if the board Should approve of me; It shall be done as Soon as I am notified to that effect

Yours Truly
Marcus Whitman

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