To Rev. Walker: December 27, 1839

Walla Walla

Dec 27th 1839

Rev Elkanah Walker

Dear Brother

Yours of the 15 instant is before me I am sorry to hear you were so unwell And in this connexion let me say as a general rule it is always safe to give a cathartick in case of sickness + that a Blister should not be applied before either an Emetick Cathatick or Bleding + in cases of inflamation perhaps all these should precede the blister. It is a rule that the excitement must be abated by the above or aforesaid remidies before a blister is required or even in most cases safe

I agree with you as to the necessity of study in the acquistion of the Language but I must caution you for I cannot allow you to be an evidence in your own case for I find too much reason to suspect you are not aware of your Mental labour I would not discourage you but you must not be too sanguine that your Friends are not right that it is labour or study that operates on your health

As Mrs Walker asks Mrs W for my advise in the case of her hands I send some calomel to put into oil of Cream if you have it if not into some soft grease; say [Norrow?] grease, Let her take at the same time she is rubing her hands with this some of the Cream of Tarter sent to Mrs Eells + as the hands heal let her wash often in ash origtia of the red willow bark to harden the skin I fear I should not give any satisfaction in the language even if could see you Mr Smith seems to by a letter to Mr Hall to be in great discouragment about the language Mr Hall told me he had given you the current news of our station that I wud not repeat them

Mr Gray is invited to prepare a building + furniture for the printing office according to Mr Halls bill +c that is I prepared a request in the name of the Missions Committee + sent it to Mr Spalding for his signature + to present it to him I read him your views of building a Mill but whether he will do any thing at it I cannot say

It is in much better hands + both saw + grist mills are in fin progress A good sawmill Frame is finished + [Millstoves?] are probably finished I hope both will run befor spring

A millwright by the name of [Black?] is from Arkansaw whome I sent to Clearwater is doing it His ability is not to be called into account Mr Gray would like to be ordered to build the Mill by the Missions committe But I shall not offer to do it for I remember that he spent from six to eight weeks at Walla Walla much of which time was spent in playing chequers with Mr Payett while I had no door to my house + of cours no chairs or any thing of furniture or window but what Mr Pambrun sent me But see Boards report of Mr Grays helping Doct Whitman to build. It would now be fine for him to report the building of two mills + a printing office which others have well nigh finished to his hands So far as I am concerned I wish to have him to find out usefull employment for himself untill the mission can come together

He posted himself at W W + wanted to get letters by controverting evrything + preparing for a flaming report to the Board of grievances But I took good care he got nothing to do him any good He sent by Mr Hall he wanted me to answer his letters + keep [My?] coppies But I told him I could write my views of his case to the Board if it should be required without giving him the trouble to copy after me

I was reading your remark about the mill to him + he was looking over + saw what you said his making some sash tables chairs +c He did not like it that you did not aske him to do it but I did not feel free to let him see your + Mr Eells views for I know his wish to catch + controvert evry thing. Since he left Mr Hall saw a part of your letters + said I ought to have read it to Gray

I have a copy of my letter to Doct McLaughlin + his answer to me He says the Company have no control over the Priests more [than?] but that he is sory he should interfere with us + that if an opportunity offers he will not fail to caution him +c I am glad I wrote him The Priest can not attempt more than he did last fall. There would be a reaction but for the support of this post The young Chief is determined + in opposition to the Priest who caused him to put away his wife to take her back + Mr P says take her back But Mr P is going to send his men to build him a house on the Utilla + set him up to farming. I cannot tell the result The Priest baptised his child + forbid him to come near me Mr Pambrun said to me last evening I am going to build (as aforesaid) + says to me it will be a good ride for you to go there to visit him + for him to visit you. Mr Ermatinger says but he does not care for the Doctor now; referring significantly to what the Priest did last fall. But say Mr P he Does + he will visit him + take back his wife + I told him too. As much as to say he is not governed entirely by the Priest If I am to be alone I must be allowed to hire Mr Munger + I will often visit I assure you the young Chief + Walla Walla I agree with you that we must itenerat We must or what can we do. I have got a horse of Mr Pambrun which is charged to you I believe at two pounds + an Indian from some where in your region is to take him with two kegs of Molases 2 gal cask + 87 lbs pounds of sugar + a few apples for you. I have paid myself out of it for what I lent you Mr Pambrun will furnish saddle Apishamore + parfleshes which you may return or not as you like in the spring

I furnished a piece of Boise for a bag The Indian has no horse + on that account Perhaps he may kill yours; but if he does still you will have the supplies We leave the Indian entirely to you to pay We will try to prevent him from riding but we cannot help it if he does you will see

We have had nothing but fine weather so far this winter except a little (that is [fine?]) rains but no snow + but little freesing It is still as fine as we could desire We do not feel any where near the North Pole

I killed four hogs which weighed [1089?] [lbs?] All that has been said against them is they were to fat but I say no; fine enough Mr P sends his compliments.

Love to Mrs W in which Mrs W unite
Yours Truely
Marcus Whitman

*** Upside down text on the fifth page of the letter ***

Mr. Ermatinger says they are under the company + some others have said so too

*** End of upside down text ***

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