List of Illustrations for Marcus and Narcissa Whitman and the Opening of Old Oregon

Introductory Material
Marcus Whitman
Narcissa Whitman


Chapter 1
Silhouettes of Four Hudson’s Bay Company Officials
The Red River Mission School
Spokane Garry
Drawing of Deformed Head
Samuel Parker


Chapter 8
William H. Gray
Oregon Trail Map
South Pass Monument


Chapter 9
Fort Vancouver, 1845
Fort Walla Walla
Council Lodge Made of Woven Mats


Chapter 13
Map of the Oregon Missions and Trails
Letter of Narcissa Whitman


Chapter 14
Whitman House by Paul Kane
W. H. Jackson painting of the Whitman Mission
Floor Plan of the Whitman Home drawn in 1839 by Asahel Munger
An 1884 Drawing of the Whitman Mission


Chapter 21
Sketch of Tomahas by Paul Kane
Painting Of Tomahas by Paul Kane
Tiloukaikt, Chief of the Waiilatpu Cayuses
Paul Kane’s Sketch of Marcus Whitman
Paul Kane’s Sketch of Narcissa Whitman


Chapter 22
Wai-E-Cat by John Mix Stanley
Shu-Ma-Hici by John Mix Stanley


Chapter 24
Whitman Mission National Historic Site: Looking southwest from the monument.
The Great Grave at Waiilatpu
Great Grave Dedication, 1897
Three of the Sager Sisters
Whitman Monument at Waiilatpu
Statue of Marcus Whitman

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