To Dr. Wisner: June 3, 1834

Wheeler, Steuben Co, N. Y.

June 3, 1834

Rev. Doct. Wisner,

Sir, I received a letter from Rev. H P Strong Saying he had written you on my behalf and that you desired information upon the subject of my Parentage Education +c.

My Father died when I was about Seven years old and I was Sent to reside with my Father's Brother in Massachusetts Where I received, my early education and Religious instruction. my Grand Father (for he resided in the Same family) and Uncle were both pious + gave me constant religious instruction and care. I was under their care mostly for ten years.

My Mother is living and profeses a hope but is not attached to any church. My preliminary education consists of the english Branches together with Some knowledge of the Lattin + some little of the Greek. In my profession I studied and practised regularly with a good Physician and attend the lectures two full courses and Graduated at the Medical and Surgical College at Fairfield N Y.

Five years that I resided in Mass - I attended the ministration of Rev Moses Hallock at which time I was awakened to a sense of my sin and danger and brought by Divine grace to rely on the Lord Jesus for pardon and salvation During this Summer (the summer after I was sixteen) I attended bible-clas under the instruction of Deac Js Richards. I have attend as a schollar teacher or Superitendant in Sabbath Schools ever since

I did not unite withe the Church untill I returned to Rushville (my native place) I regard the Missionary cause as based upon the Atonement. + the commands, and promises of the Lord Jesus Christ to his Ambasadors and Church; and that it involve the holines and happiness of all that may be reclaimed from Sin, I regard the Heathen as not having [retained] the knowledge of the true God and as perishing as described by St. Paul. I esteem it the duty of evry Christian to seek the advansment of the caus of Christ more truely than they are wont to their own favourit objects

I pray that I may have only such feelings in desireng to be received as a helper in the Missionary cause

I am willing to go to any field of usefulnes at the direction of the A. Board, I will cooperat as Pysician Teacher or Agriculteralist So far as I may be able, if required

I am not marid and I have no presant arangement upon that Subject. Yet I think I should wish to take a wife, if the service of the of the Board would admit.

I am in my thirty Second year My mind has long been turned to the missionary subject For the last Six months I have been mor inten unpo it than bfore, I wish soon to have a definit course

Yours in Christian fellowship

Marcus Whitman

Rev H P Strong desired me to say by way of explanation that the Church at Rushville pays more than one hundred dollars and that Mr Strongs Family pay more than twele to the A. B. C. F.

M. W.

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