Cultural Resource Management



In the park's early years, active management of the resources occurred rather sporadically when the superintendent perceived a need. Then, in 1982, increased attention to cultural resources occurred service-wide due to Director Dickenson's commitment that all parks have high quality resource management plans. [2] Completed in October 1982, and updated each year, Whitman Mission's "Resource Management Plan" currently provides the most specific instructions and direction for cultural resource management. The following section outlines some of the cultural resource problems facing management since 1940 and examines the varied methods used to solve those problems. This overview begins by discussing the important role archeological discoveries played in assisting cultural resource management.

Two separate archeological excavations occurred at Whitman Mission National Historic Site. The first, briefly outlined in chapter four, was conducted by Thomas R. Garth between 1941-1950. The second, directed by Paul J. F. Schumacher, was conducted from 1960-1961. An explanation of the reasons for each excavation, their results, and their impact on the cultural resources follows, beginning with the 1941-1950 excavation.


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