The Amdor Years (1980-1987): Maintenance Study


Maintenance Study

Faced with budget cuts in 1982, Federal agencies were required to determine the cost-effectiveness of performing a commercial activity in-house versus contractor performance. [181] The agency that could perform the work at lowest cost or the private contractor--would do the job. Whitman Mission was chosen to develop a system for the Pacific Northwest Region that enabled superintendents to determine how competitive their maintenance divisions were compared to private contractors. After several months of work, the pilot study team, consisting of permanent members Bob Amdor, Irv Dunton, and intermittent members John Tamble and Bill Funk, completed the maintenance study and were assigned to teach this work evaluation system to other National Park Service administrators. [182] Or, in Amdor's words, "to help others streamline their implementation of it." [183] Collectively, the group traveled to Vancouver, Washington, the Denver Service Center, the Harpers Ferry Center, and Washington, D. C. [184] Amdor's commitment to this training program is reflected in the 1983 Annual Report which noted that, "Superintendent Amdor spent about 1,000 hours on special projects during the year." [185] Much of that time was spent presenting these "A-76" training programs. As a result of this project, Whitman Mission's maintenance operation was carefully reviewed and a Maintenance Management System was designed to save money and increase productivity. By 1985, the superintendent noted in his Annual Report that the maintenance division operated "with a very 'lean and mean' staff. The work accomplished is of the highest priority and is well done." [186] Amdor was personally satisfied with the project: "The A-76 project was a good chance to feel good about what I'd accomplished and to feel good about working at Whitman Mission. It wasn't like having outgrown the job--the job was expanded by quite a bit." [187]

Amdor feels that this systematic management was "a natural maturing of an organization." [188]


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