A Missionary Saga - Season 4

The People in Their Lives

In 1836, Marcus and Narcissa Whitman established a mission to the Cayuse Indians near what is today Walla Walla, Washington. The Whitmans' lives, as with most of us, were filled with people streaming in and out, each with his or her own agenda. This season's installments of a "Missionary Saga" will focus on some of these people.


Part 1 - Unlikely Traveling Companions
Dr. Whitman and Rev. Parker go on an exploratory trip in 1835. But two is too small of number to make the trip safely. Who can they find to travel with?

Part 2 - Taveling with Tack-it-ton-i-tis and Ais
Dr. Whitman returns home to get married. He brings two sons of Nez Perce chiefs with him.

Part 3 - The Man Who Wasn't There
Dr. Whitman and his group were expecting to meet Rev. Parker at the 1836 fur trappers' Rendezvous. But there was no Parker. Where was he?

Part 4 - New Found Friendships
One of the families that the Whitmans met in the Oregon Country were the Pambruns.

Part 5 - An Unofficial Addition
When the group of missionary re-enforcements passed through Cincinnati, Corenelius Rogers decided he wanted to go with them. There wasn't time to get an official appointment, but he joined the group anyway.

Part 6 - The Tragic Tale of the Mungers
The Mungers had high hopes of being missionaries in the Oregon Country. But being a missionary without a sponsor was harder than they realized. Instead Asahel helped the Whitmans, working as a carpenter until he went insane.

Part 7 - Man on the Move
Fur trader Francis Ermatinger brought people, goods, and news to the Whitman's mission.

Part 8 - Name Dropping
Many people that the Whitmans met became famous and are still talked about today.

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