Weir Stories
Behind one families' personal letters are universal stories about life, love, art and friendship in America.



In an era of industrialization and urbanization, Julian Alden Weir and his fellow American Impressionists couldn't help but be fascinated by a small farm in Branchville, Connecticut. Admiring its open fields, historic stone walls, and intriguing light, they painted the dense landscape again and again. The following letters from Weir's time at the farm (1882-1919) help us understand why this landscape inspire not only Weir, but countless artists after him. They offer unique insight into the everyday life of the American artist, the challenges of being an American innovator, and the comforts of family, friends and home.

Farm Life

Work and Farm Life
Read letters describing life on a turn-of-the-century farm from the perspective of laborers and artists.

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Weir and Family

Family and Friends
Weir's family members and friends frequently visited him at his farm. Read these letters to learn why.

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Art and Nature
Weir's time in the Connecticut landscape profoundly affected his views on art. Read these letters to learn more about Weir and his artistic philosophy.

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