Dorothy Weir Young Story

Dorothy Weir Young, recounting an episode at the farm involving the American Impressionist, Childe Hassam:

Hassam’s laugh was as hearty as himself. On one occasion unexplained shouts and roars of laughter were heard coming up the lane that runs by the house at Branchville; the cheerful sound continued for a long time before its authors put in an appearance. Finally a three-seated buckboard drove up to the door with several dogs running out from underneath, while from the wagon itself emerged Poultney Bigelow, Hassam and [artist] Frederic Remington, himself a six foot giant. The first two were on a visit to Remington in nearby Ridgefield. Their appearance these days might cause no particular comment, but for that time their getup was unusual: blue jeans, pirate bandannas tied around their heads, and Poultney Bigelow in carpet slippers with the toes cut out. They were all in high good spirits, like boys out of school, and how they all enjoyed just being alive.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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