History Revealed - A Deeper Look at War in the Pacific History

History Revealed
History Revealed is our monthly presentations that takes a dive deeper into history. Presentations by the Cultural Resources Division of the War in the Pacific National Historical Park provide in depth information and interpretation of major events, and not so well know events, of the War in the Pacific, primarily regarding the Mariana Islands.

Below are the presentation slides for select History Revealed programs for download and use.
German East Asia Squadron in World War I
Follow the German Navy in World War I through its campaigns in the Pacific that led to the sinking of the SMS Cormoran in Guam. Download PowerPoint
Battle of the Philippine Sea
Battle of the Philippine Sea, June 13, 2015, Commander Mike Dodge, USN Ret. and Dave Lotz, A descriptive review of the decisive naval battle of World War II which eliminated the Imperial Japanese Navy’s ability to conduct large-scale carrier operations and eliminated the threat of the U.S. invasion of the Mariana Islands. Download PowerPoint
The Massacre at Atate
The Massacre at Atate, July 18, 2015, Jose M. Torres, and Dave Lotz, Jose M. Torres recounts his first-hand account of the rebellion at Merizo by Chamorros against the Japanese. Download PowerPoint
Japanese Infantry Weapons
Japanese Infantry Weapons, September 26, 2015, Nina Peck, Artak Davtian and Dave Lotz, A review of Japanese infantry weapons used on Guam. Download PowerPoint
U.S. Navy Submarine Patrols to the Mariana Islands in World War II
U.S. Navy Submarine Patrols to the Mariana Islands in World War II, October 10, 2015, Dave Lotz. Vivid exploits of the U.S. Navy submarines during World War II to the Mariana Islands are portrayed. Download PowerPoint
The Artero Family and George Tweed
The Artero Family and George Tweed, November 14, 2015, Franklin Artero, Carmen Kasperbauer, and Dave Lotz, The experiences of the Artero family in concealing the lone American holdout on Guam, George Tweed, are described. Download PowerPoint
Kriegsmarine in the Gani
Kriegsmarine in the Gani, March 19, 2016, Dave Lotz. Explore the unique adventures of the German naval vessel Orion in the Northern Mariana Islands in early 1941. Download PowerPoint
Sergeant Yokoi
Sergeant Yokoi, May 7, 2016, Jeff Pleadwell and Dave Lotz, Jeff Pleadwell reveals the true story of Sgt. Shoich Yokoi’s capture in Guam’s remote Bubulao jungle on January 24, 1972. Download PowerPoint
The Invasion of Saipan
The Invasion of Saipan, June 18, 2016, Dave Lotz. The bitter fighting on Saipan in June 1944 is portrayed in the first American invasion of the Mariana Islands in World War II. Download PowerPoint
The Right to Fight
The Right to Fight, July 9, 2016, African American Heritage Association. The experiences of Africa Americans during World War II in the Mariana Islands is accurately portrayed. Download PowerPoint
The Invasion of Tinian
The Invasion of Tinian, August 20, 2016, Dave Lotz. The third American invasion of the Mariana Islands in the summer of 1944 is graphically described. Download PowerPoint
The Queen of Anatahan
The Queen of Anatahan, October 22, 2016, Allan Ziegler and Dave Lotz, One woman and 30 Japanese men stranded on the island of Anatahan results in 1944 results in several years of intrigue. Download PowerPoint
Day of Infamy
Day of Infamy, December 3, 2016, Commander Mike Dodge, USN Ret. and Dave Lotz, The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is examined. Download PowerPoint
Defending Guam
Defending Guam, December 10, 2016, Commander Mike Dodge, USN Ret. And Dave Lotz. Chamorros defending their homeland from the invading Japanese is portrayed. Download PowerPoint
Francisco Blas
Francisco Blas, January 16, 2016, Lazaro Blas, The story of a son of Guam who died in the Normandy Invasion of June 1944. Link to more information
Guam's Liberation
The Epic Chronology of Guam's Liberation from the Japanese

Download PowerPoint

Liberation Basics: The Epic Chronology of Guam's Liberation from the Japanese. Download PowerPoint

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