Let's Move Outside

Help End Childhood Obesity By Participating in Let's Move Outside
Students from Reydon Elementary School are fighting to end childhood obesity. Washita Battlefield is taking it upon ourselves to promote healthy lifestyles by promoting the Let's Move Outside Iniative.

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Visitors lerning about Let's Move Outside
Park ranger explains the benefits of the Let's Move Outside Initiative to visitors on Junior Ranger Day.

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Let's Move Outside: Washita Battlefield NHS

The Let's Move Outside Initiative promoted by First Lady Michelle Obama to encourage activity for children, started this year at Washita Battlefield National Historic Site.

During National Park Week's Junior Ranger Day April 23, 2011, approximately 60 children ranging from different age groups partook in a variety of curriculum based activities. On this day a designated booth located inside the visitor center gallery entitled "Healthy Parks, Healthy Children" was included as an educational component for students and children visiting the site.

The park created their own Let's Go Outside Certificates, and those children who completed a 1 mile walking trail received a sticker and a signed certificate.

Washita Battlefield NHS has instituted this nationwide initiative as a core valued educational activity.


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