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Several glass beakers and a pair of protective goggles sitting in front of a scale located in a science lab with mammal skulls hung up in the background
Science and research in the park is an important part of checking Voyageurs' health.


The resources division of Voyageurs National Park is responsible for the inventory, evaluation, documentation, preservation, and research of natural and cultural resources. It is a complex program that includes an extensive annual monitoring regimen, a diversity of research projects, review of park projects to assure protection of resources and to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act and the National Historic Preservation Act, and monitoring of activities outside park boundaries to safeguard park resources and values. We work with a variety of collaborating agencies, organizations and partners on science, history, and management activities. We make information about park resources available to employees, the scientific community, and the public.



The resources division is organized into four program areas:


Other Research Occuring Within Voyageurs

The northern lights shine in the night sky
Northern lights are one of the spectacular phenomenons that can occur across the skies at Voyageurs.

Air Quality

What you see is not always the same. What you breathe is not always the same. Different air particles (particulates) reduce the view of the lakes, forests, and wetlands, negatively affect our health, and harm wildlife. Research provides information on particulates like nitrogen, sulfur, and mercury that reduce the park's air quality.

Purple Loosestrife, an exotic plant in the park
Science helps manage the park health.

Inventory & Monitoring

The Inventory and Monitoring Program is part of the National Park Service's effort to improve park management through greater reliance on scientific knowledge.

prescribed burning
Wildfire research is important for the health of the park.

Wildfire Research

Impact of Wildfire on Levels of Mercury in Forested Watershed Systems This United States Geological Survey (USGS) Scientific Investigations Report was prepared in cooperation with the National Park Service, Voyageurs National Park.

Last updated: February 9, 2018

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