Kids' Choice: Top 10 Things to Do

10. Let's see some muscle

Meet real voyageurs; hear their stories, sing their songs, and test your skills by paddling a North Canoe. Do you have the muscle to be a voyageur?


9. Silent guardian, watchful protector- a Dark Jr. Ranger

Discover your dark senses, navigate the night, and learn the stories of the stars while protecting the park from light invaders. (Ages 5-12)


8. The latest voyageur fashion

Model down the waterway, a Chemise d'homme (shirt) and a Ceinture flechee (sash). It's the latest rage! Stop at any visitor center to view the latest voyageur fashion trends.


7. Let your curiosity guide you

Seven different discovery packs are available for you to pick up and experience Voyageurs on your own or with your family! Explore the amazing world of plants and animals, learn old logging tricks, identify different scenery parts, and walk in the footsteps of those before you.


6. To infinity and beyond!

Check out a pair of free binoculars from any visitor center. Go beyond what your eyes can see.


5. Tracker

Check for clues of wildlife along the trails, in the dirt, or in the trees. In winter, make your own down the trails of Voyageurs on a pair of snowshoes or cross-country skis.


4. Accessorize

Design your own voyageur necklace or bracelet out of colorful beads while at any visitor center. Use them later to trade for goods with your friends..


3. I spy… a Virtual Voyageur

As a voyageur, it is important to look for the signs of past travelers along the trail. Complete this online scavenger hunt to become a Virtual Voyageur! (Coming soon! Stay tuned for clues…)


2. Campfires and S'mores
Graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate...OH MY! Bring along s'more ingredients on your next park outing and enjoy the night sky (or beautiful day!) with friends and family.

And last but not least...


1. Protector of the Park

Earn your Jr. Ranger badge to become a Protector of the Park. Join our Bear Club (ages 9 & up), Night Explorer (ages 5-12), or Garden Explorer (ages 7 & up).

Last updated: November 18, 2015

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