Discovery Packs

Let your curiosity guide you.

Discovery Packs are filled with tools, activities, and tips on what to do or look for while exploring Voyageurs. Families or individuals of all ages can check out a pack from any visitor center at no cost during their visit to Voyageurs. When you're done, check back in with a Ranger for a special 'Discovery Pack' patch!


Voyageurs and the Fur Trade

What does it take to be a Voyageur? Predict the weather, trade, work as a team, and maybe even sing a song or two. This pack comes with a Voyageur Field Guide, three-legged race Velcro straps, trade good cards, telescope, a journal, and more.


Plants and Animals

Explore the amazing world of plants and animals. Listen to the inner workings of a tree, go on a scavenger hunt, find signs of wildlife, identify wildflowers, make plant rubbings, and discover tricks to identifying birds. This pack comes with tree and bird identification field guides, scavenger hunt cards, magnifying glass, stethoscope, and more.



Become a 'Master of Water', experiment with the pH levels of lake water, see how wetlands soak up excess water, take the temperature of the lake, and impress your friends with old logging tricks. This pack comes with a navigational map, wood cookies, pH strips, thermometer, and more.



What's all around you? Take a closer look. Use leaves, twigs, and rocks to create a pigment painting, create a color wheel, journal and sketch about your surroundings, and explore the night sky. This pack comes with tree field guides, a sky map, postcards, a journal and sketchbook with colors, pencils, and more.



Walk in the footsteps of those before you. Discover how the people of the past influenced what is now the park. Dress like a Voyageur, listen to stories of adventure and hard times, and fishing knots. This pack comes with tree, mammal, and rope field guides, ropes, and park trail maps.



Geologists tell the story of the earth and so can you. You can test rock hardness, shake up a sedimentator, and explore glacial erratics. This pack comes with a rock hardness kit, sedimentator, rock samples, foam fault models, and more.



Winter is its own world. Identify trees in the winter by examining twigs, needles, and bark. Explore the layers of the snow and make measurements compared to other years. This pack comes with a small shovel, compass, animal track field guide and track card, paintbrushes, weather journal, and more. (Not available at the Ash River or Kabetogama Visitor Centers)


Visit a Voyageurs National Park Visitor Center to check out a Discovery Pack today!

Last updated: April 10, 2015

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