Confederate Ave Road Closure

Confederate Avenue from Fort Hill to Graveyard Road is closed to all vehicle traffic. All other roads, including the rest of Confederate Ave remains open.
cracked and sinking road
The damaged section of Confederate Avenue where the soil has washed out and caused the concrete to crack and potentially collapse.
What Happened?
During the heavy rains from the remnants of Hurricane Harvey, a large section of soil washed out from under the roadbed. Maintenance staff identified that a seven foot deep hole appeared under the full width of Confederate Avenue. The road had begun to crack and danger of collapsing. The road was closed on September 1, 2017.

The Federal Highways Administration began repairs on Confederate Avenue in January 2019, and are expected to finish repairs by April. Crews will also be repairing erosion damage on North Union Avenue near the Navy Monument as part of the same project.

Repairs will have minimal impacts to tour traffic, but please stop by the visitor center prior to beginning the tour road for up-to-date information.
Suggested Tour Routes: Please see a Ranger for a Map
The 300 yard section of Union Ave from Graveyard Road to Grant Ave has been opened to 2-way traffic to provide better traffic flow. Fort Hill is open to traffic.

Short Tour Suggestion: Take Union Ave to USS Cairo Museum and finish your tour there. Allow 1 hr.

Complete Tour: Take Union Ave to Grant Avenue, and return to Graveyard Road via Union Ave. Complete Confederate Avenue and the south loop, and return to the visitor center. Once back at the visitor center, take Union Avenue a second time, but this time do not turn and complete Union Ave in its entirety, ending up at the USS Cairo and National Cemetery. Once finished, leave the park through the Fort Hill Drive into downtown Vicksburg.

Allow 2.5 hours.

Bikes and Pedestrians:
Confederate Avenue is closed to all traffic, including pedesterians and bikes between Fort Hill and Graveyard Road as the road is being repaired.

Last updated: January 31, 2019

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